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    We are a UX/UI and Unified Communications Designers.

    Itriux is a innovation-focused company. Our team is dedicated to working for the common good and doing what's right, in addition to being deeply passionate about building great software and a successful company.

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We are located in San José, Costa Rica. Since Smart Consulting Group at 2,010, building a great unify communications solutions, now we are ITRIUX, and focused to integrate communications for people, machines and systems with a AI software, making more usefull user experience for communicate and making daily things more simple.

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10 years of innovation experience in Unified Communications and DevOps.

Major Skillset

Offering mobility with a complete Unified Communications Solutions with audio and video via 3CX platform and Call Center solutions, now we integrate machine to machine and systems communications via software development with ITRIUX Cloud infrastructure and build the best user experiences interfaces for many applications.

UI / UX & DevOps
Unified Communications
Omni Channel Call Center
Optics & Laser
UI / UX & DevOps

Software for Experiences and User Interfaces

We build Interfaces for User Experiences

Together with industry-leading talent, we have embraced the hardest engineering and product challenges to bring people together through communication platform and best user experience.

And we have only just begun, now we make systems for exchange information between machines. The itriux platform rest on a rich technology stack that is as inspiring as our customers and developers.

The ITRIUX Distributed Compute Cloud is a collection of servers that host virtual and accesible experiences.

Break down data and communication silos for effective collaboration.

DevOps for Accelerated Outcomes

Receive an end-to-end implementation of DevOps practices to accelerate product time to market. 

Follow an agile DevOps methodology to expedite the development cycle and quickly incorporate feedback.

Assess current state of DevOps processes, IT infrastructure, and application lifecycle capabilities.

Assessment & Strategy Planning

Design a roadmap for revamping practices/processes, integrating stronger security mechanisms, and building a fully automated environment.

Identify roadblocks and suggest solutions. Select key metrics to track.

Integrate these with our framework, which comes with a plugin-ready state to make a multitude of personalized integrations.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Phone System, Hosted, Private Cloud or On-Premise.

PBX, reinvented for Remote Workforce with 3CX.

Calls, Unified Communications, Messaging, Video Conferencing, Collaboration, only  One System with 3CX.

Work from anywhere with voice and video call colleagues.

Advanced metrics and monitoring.

Customer Service with Built-In Call Center APP.

Advanced collaboration features with Web Conferencing.

Service Level Agreement for your business model.

Reports, Analytics, Recording, Quality Control, CRM Integration, Web Chat, Real Time Monitoring.

Advanced collaboration features with Web Conferencing.

Video, call, message meet - Anywhere.

Answer Facebook and website chats.

Start a video call from your smartphone.

Easily transfer calls and chat with colleagues.

Make web meetings anywhere connecting customers and co-workers.

Omni Channel Call Center

Omni Channel Development

The best Omni Channel Cloud APP for the 360 Journey.

Omni Channel Anywhere!!!.

Start a conversation with a phone call,

continue the interaction via WhatsApp message, and

send information via eMail, and save the history about the all 360 Journey

of the all channels conversation.

WhatsApp allways present in the pocket.

Whatsapp, Instant communication with Hermes - Vocalcom.

Instant messages, communicate with my favorite services, and buy products.

Attends your customer with Omnipresence Communication.

Enjoy our OmniChannel Call Center Solution with Vocalcom 360 Jorney.

The social engagement give you the digital presence.

Facebook and Instagram Messenger Center APP.

From your social networks, can start a conversation with our Omni Channel App.

Convert a Social Network conversation into a lead,.

Facebook Messenger APP's, could be the beginning of an import conversation with your customers .

Take the best decisions based with data in our intuitive dashboards.
Reporting And Analytics - The Best Way.
The analytics are the best way to take control of your communications.
The Service Level Agreement about your communications it's everything .
Take the control of customer satisfaction.

And use your data and improve your operational efficiency.

Optics & Laser

Fiber Optic and Laser


We design a powerful Laser with QA for a SFP, cSFP, SFP28, QSFP and QSFP-DD devices in our communications product, we can manage the wavelength and the power of the laser for made a custom optic devices, reaching distance from a meters to 80 kms and manage speeds from a 1Gbps to 400Gbps with compatibility of all Networking brands. Our SFP's and Fiber Channel devices can work with simple useful and compatibility with many network equipment, servers and storage devices. 

OPTIX product have been deployed in all Central America countries. 

QA defines our solutions 

We are leading company in developing and manufacturing Optical Transceivers and Cables Solutions for Data Center and Telecom Market.

All in the box SFP's solutions. 

SFP's and cSFP's

Our product is 100% compatible with Cisco, HP, Extreme, Juniper, Alcatel, 3COM and many other major networking brands on the market. We have strict quality control and inspection procedure.

We work together with your network team. 

Monitoring and Security Tools 

Our technologies that continue to help network team gain better understanding of user activity, application performance, threat vulnerabilities, and network event simultaneously, while protecting investment of monitoring tools and lowering the overall cost of proactively monitoring your network.

What's next?

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Itriux is proud of our past which led to the technology used on our platform today. And we’re even more excited about the future.  

We are happy to work together and build the new Internet.

You can contact us via one of the following options.

Alajuela, Costa Rica 20102

Phone : +506 4010-1100

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